oil leak on 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Truck won't start after driving a while. I been told the oil pressure plug is leaking. Truck will start after it has cooled down (30-45 minutes).

lots of issues with the high pressure pump on this motor. I would have a truck shop verify this as it is a very expensive repair.

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How much confidence do you have in these Ford dealership Mechanics. I ahve had a bad experience with one.
I dont believe in dealerships except for warranty work. I use real truck shops that know the systems well.
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After 23 years working in a dealership service department, I can say one thing without a doubt: the best and most up to date, cutting-edge technicians work at my facility. To precisely answer the question of the F-250 diesel: the "STC" fitting is leaking high pressure oil internally. An updated fitting is available.
I will not throw stones at independant shops- they have their place.
I have seen top notch guys in dealerships too and have the highest respect for them. In my area, not too many left and all that is left is parts replacers. It is a shame.