Oil Leak on 1997 Saturn SC2

I noticed when I removed the spark plug wire from #1 cyl. it was showing oil. I had to clean out the oil before removing the spark plug. Is this being caused by a leaking valve cover gasket?? All the other plug holes were dry. There is no external signs of oil leaking from the valve cover. Can you give me any ideas on this problem as the car runs great and doesn't use oil. It has 148,000 miles.

by in Hemet, CA on March 18, 2009
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ANSWER by on March 19, 2009
This is common. You need to replace the valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals. The tube seals are leaking and that is where the oil comes from. Some Saturns only use a silicone sealant for a valve cover and the tech has to basically make it. ( not so great in my opinion ) If you can find a preformed one with tubes seals, it is much better. Be sure to clean out the old gasket and be sure to use the proper torque specs on the new gasket. Good Luck
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