oil leak on 1997 Ford Aspire

ok i got an oil leak somewhere and its hittin my exhaust manifold and making it smoke really bad. i dont know what could be causing it since i dont know much about cars but im guessing the oil rings my not be good no more? it does this after about 5 minutes of driving and i need to know if that could be it and how to fix it

by in Saint Robert, MO on February 10, 2011
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 11, 2011
Oil leaks that hit your exhaust manifold could be the valve cover gasket, or possibly power steering line leakage? Hard to say - a good phyiscal inspection is in order.
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what to do God motor always has ran perfect, easy solution? Can it be rebuilt, bad piston rings or what what that problem be?
The engine is prone to lower engine bearing failure from running the engine at high revolutions. Lack of regular, frequent engine service is also a factor in the failure.

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