oil leak on 1994 BMW 740i

i have an oil leak i saw when looking under the car. there about 10 drops worth after driving it. it looks like its right of the pan. its engine oil and not power steering oil. and clues? thanks

by in Stevenson Ranch, CA on November 13, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 13, 2010
Oil leaks can come from many places and end up on the ground. I would clean off your engine and then run it and observe from the top down to pin point the source of the leak. That is how I do it in a shop. Often times I steam clean the engine and then drive it back from the cleaning area to the shop and by the time I have it up in the air on a lift, the source is much easier to find. I have seen Techs in Shops replace a ton of parts while they guess where the oil is coming from, you do not want to go there.
COMMENT by on November 13, 2010
Thank you. I will defently try that. Thanks again for your quick reply.
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