Oil leak on 2002 Volvo S40

Car became sluggish. When I stopped and checked under thee hood, there was oil thrown all over the engine. What could this be and how much to fix? The car has 140,000 miles on it check engine light is on

by in Elkins, WV on March 09, 2013
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 09, 2013
Oil fill cap in place and in good shape?
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...o S40 catalytic converter (with an aftermarket parts, not original). When I got the car back, oil leak is evident wherever I parked, whenever I take it for a drive. There's also burning oil smell t...
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How do I know if the oi is leaking at the turbo? Also how much would it cost to repair this?
When my engine warms up, I smell oil and when I put the windows down a little to get fresh air, the smell comes in more. I can't find any leaks. The car only has 34K miles.
115,000 miles replaced crank/cam shaft seals, timing belt, water pump, valve, still leaks small amount of oil near front passenger side.

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