Oil Leak on 1997 Volvo 850

I noticed a small oil leak coming from the oil pan area. It's varies from a couple of drops to a dixie cup of oil. When I inspected the top of the engine, it's very clean with no residue at all. The drip seems to be coming off the oil plug, oil pan area. Am I on the right track?

Asked by for the 1997 Volvo 850
Is this a Turbo? If so, check the turbo return line, and make sure the drain plug is tight.
If those are OK you'll need to get under there and look up behind the engine to see where it is coming from. This is best done on a hoist where you can see it all, but without that you'll need to crawl under there.
After you check it, let me know what you find or let me know if you have any further questions.
Good Luck!