2004 Ford Thunderbird Q&A

2004 Ford Thunderbird Question: oil leak

Leaking oil from oil filter where meets adaptor. Started after last oil change. Using motorcraft Fl-2021 oil filter -
Answer 1
you'll need to check to see if the filter is tight other than that the oil filter seal may be defective -
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The valve cover gaskets may leak oil into the spark plug wells, shorting out the spark plugs, causing a misfire, and illuminating the Check Engine Light. Commonly the spark plugs and ignition coils...
oil leak is in the front of the engine. in the area of the oil pump can't really pinpoint it its drippi...
I was driving onto the freeway ramp when I heard a clink sound. In seconds I started hearing my pistons clanging away because of the lack of oil. I may have striked a rock or something. I'm not sur...
the oil is leaking mildly directly under engine block.
The intake and valve cover gaskets may leak oil.