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2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Question: Oil is getting into my Coolant.

I went to change my oil yesterday and realized i was about 2 quarts low. Then when i looked in the coolant reservoir I noticed it was real oily. I stuck a screw driver in it just to see and it seems to be oil. I dont know if my Manifold gasket is the issue? -
Answer 1
Possible engine oil cooler ruptured. -
Comment 1
it doesnt have a oil cooler. i only have the 2 tranny lines going to radiator. Wouldnt there be 2 lines for the oil cooler going to other side of the radiator? -
Comment 2
Sorry that one has an external oil cooler, cooled by ambient air. Some other GM engines have the cooler in the engine valley under the intake that rupture, some V6 Cadillacs. -
Comment 3
Any other suggestions? -
Comment 4
Been really busy with diagnostics on many other cars this week. Trying to consider other options when time permits. -
Comment 5
fixed it was intake manifold gaskets -
Comment 6
Usually coolant in the oil with intake gaskets. Glad you found it. -
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