1994 Ford Escort Q&A

1994 Ford Escort Question: oil in the dist. cap

does this cause the check engine to come on and the car to shut down. if so what seal or gasket needs to be replace to fix the problem? -
Answer 1
New(reman) distributor is required. -
Answer 2
I agree with AUTOKNOWHOW a reman distributor for your car run around $325 to $400 with a $50 dollar core charge -
Comment 1
the answers ive gotten was not true i dont know if you own this model escort or not but the answer was not right. ford service told me it was the o-ring at the end of the dist. shaft for the oil in the cap and for the check engine light and the car shutting off was from the value cover gasket was worn and the oil is getting into the spark plug cavity making the car get a inconsistant spark. i give the advice i received a "D" thanks but no thanks.@#!%@*!!!! -