Oil in my coolant on 1990 Toyota Corolla

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My baby is at 230,000miles and has oil in the coolant resevoir. That and brown sludge. I figured a seal or gasket blew. Just thought I'd ask for specifics like which ones and from where?
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Water in the oil or oil in the water on an engine with this mileage is usually a sign of a blown Head Gasket. Oil can enter the cooling system if the car ha an automatic transmission and the cooler in the radiator fails but his is less common and ends up looking like a strawberry milkshake. Great engine one of my customers got 465,000 miles out of his (gearbox/differential failed eventually not the engine).
gear box/differential failure is due to the drive axle seals failing and leaking trans fluid.
it is the achilles heal of this otherwise incredible car and a very common problem. you have to pull the drive axles to replace the seals. not a difficult job tho. the differential uses the same trans fluid as the tranny and the fill plug is at the back of the differential at the firewall.
head gasket failure. big job. you have to pull the cylinder head. the head must be resurfaced and you may as well do a valve job and replace the timing belt and tensioner while you are in there.