oil in cyl 1 n it dont smoke until u idle then it starts to smoke on 2007 Mini Cooper

got a multi cylinder misfire

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Possible valve gasket issue. Do you have the actual codes from a read. If so, please post.
po301 no oil in hole or on coil it is in cylinder can a valve cover gasket cause it i appreciate ur time
Sure it is oil and not antifreeze?
its definitely oil wen it idles I guess it builds up and burns off I clean ed plug and cylinder ran good but still oil on plug 175psicompression could a valve cover cause this there is a diaphragm in valve cover
Defective, broken valve seal, valve guide. On # one. That is all that comes to mind!
can they b done oe car or head must come off its a mini cooper ive never seen a cooper do this shit i wanna thank u for all of your input if anything else comes to mind gimme a shout or if anyone has heard something similar dont b shy i need as much info as i can get
it is definitely oil shes fine for a few miles then runs rough and starts to sputter and smoke
I tell ya what, get a combustion leak test done that will eliminate the cooling system or confirm if it is a head gasket leaking coolant into the cylinder. Test is bulletproof!!