oil gauge flactuation on 1995 Dodge Ram 1500

oil press. reads 45 when engine cold and flactuates after warm up to 5 or 10.psi when vehicle comes to a stop or idles it goes back up to 45. it seems that press. goes down on accelaration.and after the oil has warmed up. the oil light never comes on and vehicle does not use oil. or overheat. do you guys have an answer for me.

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I have found really a lot of problems with the Oil Pressure Sending units on Mopar vehicles. Short of doing a mechanical gauge reading of all phases of your oil pressure to accurately measure it, I would get a FACTORY NOT AN AFTERMARKET sending unit and replace your old one as a first step. They are not too costly and they go out like crazy.
dandd thanks for your answer: hooked up a machanical gage and the pressures on that gage shot to the roof. with 60 to 70 psi readings. replaced sending unit but it did not make any difference will try a sending unit from the dealer and see what happens. was relieved to see that the oil pressure on the machanical gage had good oil pressure, which assusred me that there was no problem with the oil pump and the berings.