oil filter not snug on 2005 Dodge Magnum

I changed my oil and filter ..the old oil filter was so tight from previous owner I got it off and now the new filter (same brand and type) won't screw all the way up ...I NEED HELP

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Same PART NUMBER on both filters???
yes the new filter screws on until about a little more than half an inch
Post the brand and part number on the new filter itself....... I'll check it for you....... IF you want to know if it's the right filter that is! ..... Maybe you dont want to know..... that you have the wrong filter and/or have fouled the threads!!!
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could be bad threads on new filter try another
Did the gasket from the old oil filter stay stuck to engine? Next inspect the theads where the filter screws on for damage.
no I got the old gasket off also and I cant see any damage I even tried to screw the old filter back on and it wont go took a lot of force for me to get the old filter off though
Rare but not impossible but the the new filter could be defective. Try another one perhaps.
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