oil exchange tubing on 2007 Lexus ES350

my 350 oil light went on and by the time my wife got home there was almost no oil in the car. My mechanic found the problem, dont know what to call the part, but there are two tubing moving oil around, and he found a pin hole in one and when the car was on, oil was flowing out. He said it should not have been made out of rubber and it was. Is there a recall on this, I almost lost my engine.
jim croke

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I found these ( Oil cooler pipe ) oil cooler lines about $37 to $54 at or at your local Lexus dealer and I agree with overbys if the light comes on turn the car off and have it towed
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no such part on an ES350; you will need a better description. check with the dealer for recall info.

rule of thumb: if the oil light or temp light comes on while driving, park the car and have it towed. you cannot drive a car without oil or coolant and expect it to survive.