2006 Subaru Outback Q&A

2006 Subaru Outback Question: oil down quart n half a month

recently had timing belt n water pump replaced wher is oil going no leaks have 111,400 miles can it b burning this fast ot is a seal leaking inside where they replaced timing belt -
Answer 1
its normal for higher mileage eng to use 1/2 per 1k miles of driving. this maybe ok per dealer spec's -
Comment 1
dealership says cause of oil burning is the catylitic conveter this true? also do i need a ct conv. emisions n all i live in fla -
Comment 2
catt can only burn oil if oil gets there from eng. you have an eng problem for sure -
Answer 2
Poss. headgasket (external) leaking oil onto exhaust and burning it off that way. Globalhelper is correctfor internal issue(s). Maybe get references to another shop and have a second look. -