Oil Cooler on 1998 Cadillac Catera

How do you replace the oil cooler?

by in Pleasant View, TN on March 08, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on March 08, 2009
The engine oil cooler in under the intake manifold on your Catera engine. Autozone has online repair manuals available at the following link: athttp://bit.ly/online_repair_manuals Good luck!
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...intake or the head gasket. Today a cadillac mechanic told me he believes it would be an engine oil cooler. I am having an oil pressure problem also. Can you tell me what the symptoms of engine oil coo...
the raditor has been replaced,it dose not overheat,the oil dissapers,and there is no coolant in the oil..im stumped,,and starting to get ready to sell the car.can anybody help
the oil is mixed with the coolant and dont know why it is happening, could it be because of the car overheated, whic is strange due to the fact that never seen it over heat.
The Catera often experiences oil leaks from the oil cooler and/or valve cover gasket. The thermostat seal and/or the water pump may develop a coolant lea...
...went off. the car runs and drives perfect other than that issue.is it a oil pressure switch? a oil cooler? what is it. i have no fluid mixes, or power loss, what could it be. oh yeah the washer fluid...

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