Oil changes with synthetic oil. on 2001 Lexus LS430

How often must the oil be changed in a 2001 Lexus LS430 if I use a good synthetic oil?
I drive less than 15000 miles yearly, probably 1/2 highway miles. Not much stop and go or stuck in traffic. Can I do 5000 to 7000 miles or do I have to stick to 3000 ?

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i would do 7500 on synthetic

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If you use a high grade fully synthetic motor oil ( such as Mobil 1 ) and not a synthetic blend, and use a high grade filter, then 5000 is a very good interval, given your driving habits. I use this type of oil in my Camry and it works out fine.
Good question and so many opinions out there about oil! Think of this--airliners and fighter jets run synthetic and it is NEVER replaced... just filtered, analyzed, and topped-off. A premium synthetic does not fail like the haphazard molecules that are pumped from the ground, refined, and labeled 'motor oil.' While I don't advocate never changing, you should look into AMSOIL. I have the 4.8 L and drive about same as you, 15K/year. I run ASL, that's AMSOIL's 25,000 mile oil that tests PROVE (not opinion) to be superior to Mobile1 and all others. I change once /year and order from They also have full synthetic OE you run for what owner's manual says, or if you like their, XL is for up to 10,000. My 4.8 L is in perfect condition and has had AMSOIL since 2002 when I bought it. I have saved a lot of money, had peace-of mind AMSOIL IS the best, and have also cut-down on the amount of used motor oil going into the environment.