Oil Change and Maintainance tires Lights on 2007 Nissan Altima

How do we turn light on the panel off...
Just had oil changed and the light is still on to remind us to change it and the light is on for the tires??
Help...we need to turn it off.

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matte is right, the shop that changed your oil is responsible for clearing your maintenance reminder. Your tire light may be on because of low tire pressure. Many 2007 model year cars have a tire pressure monitoring system (now required by law) and the light will turn on if the sensor detects low tire pressure. Be sure to check your tire pressure when the tires are cold, you will not get a correct reading if you have driven too far (warmed the tires)
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I recommend going back to the shop that just did your service. It is their responsibility to complete the service or repair and correct the codes in the car's computer.
Additional Tip: Many Tire Pressure Sensor systems are very, very sensitive to pressure changes.

Our local Honda dealer has found that the problem is resolved by filling the tires with nitrogen gas. They charge $30 for the initial installation and zero for monthly pressure checks and adjustments. They do this regardless of Make or Model.

it seems that the Nitrogen charge is much more stable and therefore sensor friendly.