oil change alarm on 2009 Dodge Sprinter 3500

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Our new Dodge Sprinter has 10,100 miles on it and the oil change alarm went off. We changed the oil and used our modis scanner to clear it but it keeps coming back on. Do we need to take it to dealer or is there a way to shut it up?
The beeping is driving everyone nuts!
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To reset oil change indicator after performing scheduled maintenance, turn ignition on with engine off. Fully depress accelerator pedal slowly 3 times within ten seconds. Turn ignition off. Start engine. If indicator message illuminates when engine is started, repeat reset procedure.
Just did this on my 2009, and it worked.

Service Reset instruction for 2006+ Sprinter with NO steering wheel buttons.

1. Put the key in the ignition and switch it on without starting the engine.
(Wait for LCD to return to the vehicle mileage)
2. Hold the "O" button down till you hear a beep (could take a while, 30 sec.)
3. Press the M button repeatedly and a number of reset menus will appear, (If you have used oil according to quality sheet 229.31 or 228/229.51 you can scroll to Reset.31 or Reset.51 respectively.) Select "reset 51"
4. Now, when appropriate oil type is selected press "O" for 6 seconds until ''2'' is displayed.
5. Press "O" once again briefly and the '' reset done'' message will confirm that the job is done.
6. Pull the Key out (info found on:
on my 07 diesel I have oil on the glow plugs is this normal?