oil change on 2002 Chevrolet Venture

is there a code required when changing the oil that will disconnect the oil light

by in Covington, GA on March 08, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 08, 2010
No, there's a procedure to reset that light after the oil change, but it's kind of complicated and has a bunch of strange steps. It should be included in a repair manual: http://bit.ly/autozone_repair_info http://bit.ly/alldata_repair_manuals  http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online http://bit.ly/Bentley_Repair_Manuals
ANSWER by on September 24, 2012
Push the tripometer button enough times to get to the oil section--then hold down on it until it goes back to 100--it may not be the manual way, but it works
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