Oil Change on 2003 BMW 330xi

I just recently purchase my 330xi and I am curious as to what is a fair price of an oil change at a typical BMW shop or dealership service department.

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There is no way to pay $ 40-70 for a PROPER oil change on this car.
Your car needs 7.5 quarts of premium full synthetic oil. The OE or equal quality filter is about $12-16. There is .5 hours of labor charge for the service.
If you pay less than that, the service wasn't done correctly by using incorrect oil or cheap, low quality filter.

Zee is right. There is no way to change the oil properly for $40-70. Even if you just lift the car and dump the oil. Anyone who would do that is the person you DON'T want working on your car.
So what would you do, rather than "dump the oil"? You drain the oil and you replace it. If that is incorrect, please let me know. Thanks.

Also, 7.5 quarts seems quite excessive. The absolute highest I have seen on DIY guides was 7, I saw one where he used only 5 and the dipstick was measuring where it should.
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You could expect to pay anywhere from $40-70 dollars at the dealership depending on your location.
Independent import service garages will probably charge a little less and still offer good service.
The dealership in Denver charges $110. Lube shops that use approved oil are at least $70.

As far as cost of living goes, Denver is a quite reasonable place; not as urban as many places, also not very rural.