oil change 2003 sl 500 problems on 2003 Mercedes-Benz SL500

I have put the plactic tube all the way down in the dip tube and I can only suck out 1 gal, or approx 4 liters of oil before the oil stops and the air begins. I am rather certin that the motor was at, or above the 8 liters of oil recomended since the "Above oil level" warning would come on sometimes indicating that I may have too much oil in the motor. Any suggestions? thanks.

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Was it over-filled the last time it was changed? I am not sure how it would suddenly be over-filled if nothing has been added... are you sure it's not the oil level sensor?

Does your Mercedes have a dip stick for the engine oil? I am aware of the transmissions using a tamper plug on the dip stick tube... what color is the oil that you've siphoned?
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Wow. I would really stop trying to take oil out of your engine using this method. This is likely to cause problems or risk some problems for you, rather than fix a message you are getting on your dash.