oI seen on you tube for the pin out you could jump pin4&8 together and do it but on 1999 Buick Century

pin out on the plug where you plug in the diagnostic code reader, on my buick there are only 5 pins they are 2,4,5,14,16 it says in my hanes that the following pins are 5= ground,9 is the serial port,and 16 is B+ I'm just trying to reprogram my keyless entery any body know which pin does what?

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I have to do it with my Tech2, on a OBD2. Maybe you were looking at early 90's model, OBD1.
i have a code reader but it's a actron obd2 autoscanner but it doesn't say anything about my remote senser
That will not program or anything but give you generic codes. The Tech2 is the GM factory tool that does this. I have others that cost thousands of dollars that still can't do these functions.
ok brother thanks
U bet and happy trails.