odor, fumes on 2002 Suzuki XL-7

every time I go up a hill or accelerating I smell like ammonia odor and the windshield gets foggy.

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The ammonia odor could be from a windshield wiper fluid leak, or you could have a leaking heater core, which can fog up the windshield. Hard to say without seeing the vehicle, let us know what you find out!
is your suzuki a 2007? I have to replace my heater core $1,500. The mechanic said not to buy a suzuki again and that the heater core shouldn't go bad at 50K miles.
Fogging yes heater core, ammonia? Sounds like what you said, wiper fluid. To the visitor, anyone who knows anything about any vehicle, knows not to flush a cooling system with house-hold water pressure using a T on the Heater lines, which always causes premature heater core or water pump gasket failures. However, since the Samurai was discontinued (Excluding the not imported Jimney) there has been no Suzuki's with washer fluid lines inside of the passenger compartment. Wondering what could possibly be leaking inside to cause the ammonia smell?