Volkswagen Touareg Problem Report

Volkswagen Touareg Odor from HVAC vents

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Condensation may develop in the heater case which can cause a musty odor from the heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) system.  Our technicians tell us a cleaner is available for the heater case. Also, the drain system should be checked for debris.

It has not been fixed... I'm glad I found this. They changed the filter and it went away but than it came back a little bit after that. -
Horribly musty, "bad rag" odor coming from vents when turning on AC. It doesn't seem to stink when I use the heater, just the AC. It's awful. -
Water leake onto flood from heating system. At high speed approx. 65 - 70 vehicle vibrate,told the problem is drive shaft / bearing. -