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2004 Chrysler Pacifica Question: Odor from heater/ac

My car has been on the lift for 2 days and the dealer cannot locate the cause of the odor coming from the heater/ac and can be detected by smelling the front hood for many minutes after the car is shut off. -
Answer 1
I've heard of mice getting into the a/c system vents and dying, it is really a bad thing, not just for the little mouse. Removing the odor is very difficult. Were they able to figure it out? -
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Thanks for answering. They didn't see anything like that and did deodorize the a/c heater"box". I hope that's not what happened...yuck. Today for the first day in five...couldn't detect the odor. Guess I have to wait for it to return to go back for a third look. Thanks again -
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That's good news. I almost ran over a dead deer on the way to work today and thought of this problem you're having, maybe you ran over something? If the vehicle has a cabin filter, they should've replaced that too! Good luck, hope the smell is gone forever! -
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Thanks for the hints.....smell is fainter but still there....two plausible explanations. I will look into the cabin filter....have had a ton of work done on the engine, motor mounts etc in the past month. I'm ducking deer all the time but running over something tiny with an SUV is certainly a possibility. Thanks again....if it isn;t gone I'll be back looking for more good hints like yours! -
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I am having this same issue! Did you figure it out? -