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1998 Ford Escort Question: Odometer Stop Working

The odemeter stoped working, and the trip meter does not work. All other gauges work fine. Thank you for your time. -
Answer 1
First off, you need to check the fuses. There is a 10 amp fuse in the engine compartment fuse box(labelled OBD II)and one in the instrument panel fuse box (labelled meter). If they are okay, you need to check the vehicle speed sensor that is mounted to the transmission. If that is okay the drive gear for the speed sensor maybe bad or you will have to check the wiring from the sensor to the instrument cluster. Good luck. -
Comment 1
Toyota knows of this Issue. Just go get it replaced or live with it. -
Comment 2
for the Ford Escort 1998 1.4i the odometer only has 9 digit spaces. how do i tell the real mileage for the car? from ian: inyamusa@gmail.com -
Answer 2
Odometer stop working -
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