odometer problem on 2003 Buick Regal

I am confused on page six of your question and answer someone answered that if the odometer lighting wasnt working you had to send your cluster out for repair. on page ten the same question was answered that the light bulb was probably out. which is it my odometer light is out it works fine, but you have to look just right to see it

by in Fountain Valley, CA on November 21, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on November 21, 2010
I'm pretty sure that the thought is that the light bulb is out, but they are soldered to the board in the cluster, making home repair difficult. Sending it out for repair is probably for an odometer that has failed completely, not for an illumination issue. However, depending on the cluster, some could have internal issues that make bulb replacement an ineffective repair.
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