odb codes on 2003 Land Rover Freelander

I have P0171- system to lean bank 1
and P1471 and 1472 Variable inlet manifold motor (short circuit to ground- to battery)

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See this article on code P0171 that I wrote to help folks, because many shops aren't really clear on what this means and how to Diagnose this issue.

The VIS codes will not set the Service Engine Soon Light, they have to do with little motors routing the air flow as it goes through the intake manifold.
The most common cause for a P0171 is a defective Mass Air Flow Sensor, but be advised that these Freelander Intake Manifolds are known for getting little cracks and leaking, and in some cases have to be replaced ( a good used one will do ).
thank you
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my mechanic told me I have - intake manifold bank 2, valve always open, short circut to ground. Also P1775 manual control transmission error. 2003 freelander

any ideas
had the same problem, I had to change the upper intake manifold to solve the problem including a few others (flooding, mis-fire, system lean bank 1 & 2, and the problem with the VIS motors)