1997 Mercury Cougar Q&A

1997 Mercury Cougar Question: o/d off light blinking

the o/d off light tends to blink. not all the time though. I noticed when it is warm there is nothing, today i was driving and the light was off, once i slowed down it started blinking and then once i started moving again it went off...what is causing this?? -
Answer 1
Overdrive Off Indicator The overdrive off indicator light 15 This light tells you that the Transmission Control Switch (TCS) has been pushed. When the light is on, the transmission will not shift into overdrive. Depressing the button will return the vehicle to “overdrive on” mode. The transmission will be in the “overdrive on” mode when the vehicle is started even if the O/D OFF mode was selected when the vehicle was last shut off. NOTE: If the light does not come on when the TCS is depressed or if the light flashes when you are driving, have your vehicle serviced at the first opportunity. If this condition persists, damage could occur to the transmission. -
Comment 1
It is most likely the mlps is bad on your trans its a pretty common problem on cougars. Go to a shop and have them pull your codes to be sure, since there is no warning light for your trans they use the o/d off light as a way of saying hey somethings wrong! -