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2002 Mercury Mountaineer Question: O/d light blinking..

I have a 2002 mercury mountaineer and just yesterday my O/D light came on flashing it will shut off when i turn the truck off but once i turn start the truck and drive for like 20 mins it will start flashing again. Its been driving good so far no problems with shifting or nothing please can someone tell me what it can be. -
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I called aamco they said it can be electrical problems but i will take it tomorrow thanks -
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Transmission is setting a fault code. Need to be scanned to determine cause. -
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can it be that the transmission is going or somthing else? -
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Could be slipping and you may not noticed it. Could be other issues too. I suggest you take it to a shop that you know and trust. Get recommendations if you do not know where to take it. Also you can check with BBB for a business rateing and history of complaints before you take it to a paticular business. Some shops do offer free diagnosis but beware if you give permission to do any disasembly it could be taken apart to the point that then it is disabled until you ok repairs. Pan removal for inspection is not a compleat tear down and in most cases it is enought to determine if a minor repair or replacement is needed. Your car is at age that we see major overhaul is needed many times. Many independent shops have factory replacement transmission and provide good warantys also. -
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Report it to ford for a recall -
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Report it to Ford dealership for a recall. I'm having the same problems -
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