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1995 Ford Explorer Question: Can PCM cause my O/D Light to blink

My 95 Explorer has the o/d light blinking. I took it to a transmission place and he told me that it was the pcm. Does that sound right? If so how much would something like this cost for a new one and get it programed. Thank you for your time. -
Answer 1
If you can provide the codes that are causing the O/D light to flash, that would help to determine if this is a possible cause or not. Also, I don't know if it possible, but I would think these might be fairly easy to find used from a vehicle wrecking yard. -
Answer 2
The PCM means that there is a code or fault condition in the PCM. What is the code?? The O/D light is the Check Engine Light for your transmission. I would take my ford to a shop that can better explain the problem, meaning what exactly is the problem with the PCM? It could just be a sensor inside your transmission that is not working correctly. You need a better more complete explanation. -