occasionally I am experiencing a front end shimmy that feels like a slipped belt on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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when I get the shimmy it is felt in the steering but I have had the tires checked and balanced but I still get it slightly. I also feel a vibration when I brake at highway speeds. I think it may all be related has anyone had any experience with this? The Jeep has 93,000 miles and I would like to sell it or trade for a pickup but I don't want to if it's unsafe.
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Sounds like a brake rotor out of parallel. Depending on rotor thickness it can be machined to true it up. Not a real danger but it is irritating and may get worse in time.
Try having rotors "turned" to with in specs. Or replace with new ones. Although not a big safety issue,it does cause unneeded stresses on other parts (shimmy, vibrations etc.) Have the steering parts looked over as well, for any signs or worn out parts.