occasionally engine stalls on 2005 Volvo S60

After car warms up as I accelerate it feels like runs out of gas. This stall quickly stops and will run fine for a few mins and while I push on pedal it just stalls. Have changed fuel filter, new plugs, lucas injector cleaner, air filter. Seems to do it more often now. no ck engine light comes on.

1 answer
Even though the CEL isn't on, I suggest checking for diagnostic codes. I strongly suggest having a shop look at this, they will have the proper scan tool to get all the info from the system to properly diagnose this. Have a look at these shops in your area: http://repairpal.com/volvo-within-10-miles-of-92692
Find a shop that has the ability to upgrade the software in your Volvo too, this can fix many issues that you can't by replacing parts.