OBD2 port is loose on 2006 Honda Civic

Went under the dash to put in a odb2 scanner plug to check codes. Turns out the DLC(as honda calls it) or odb2 port is loose. So whenever I try to give pressure to plug in, it would tuck inside, making it impossible to reach. What should I do?

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if the retainer tabs are not broken , get a light and get under the dash and snap it back in the holder. If the tabs are broke you can use a second hand (if available) to hold it , while pushing the connectors together. Trim panels may need to be removed, snap off carefully (may have one or two 'twist-locks').
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There are two Philips screws holding that DLC...just screw it to the holder.
Had to deal with this earlier today on a 2005 Accord EX-V6. The tab had broken off and like OP said the port couldn't be pushed against to plug things in. To fix it, after taking off the dash panels to access the port, pull the port through metal port holder. On the port there are two rectangular holes. What you can do is once you have the port pulled through the metal port holder, zip tie the port to the metal holder using the rectangular holes. This fixed the problem for me.