OBD1 or OBD2 on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV

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I'm going to buy a code reader but when I looked for one all the ones said 1996 & latter for OBD2. My van being a 1995 I thought great OBD1 I can jump the A & B terminals to get the codes.
Having said this I went out to do this & yes my plug had 8 pins like the OBD1's closer look I saw the A pin but no B pin it was empty. Although she does not have 16pin plug & looks like an OBD1 plug it must have the OBD2.
My question is she is a 95 the plug looks like the OBD1 but no b terminal this must be an OBD2?
I just want to know so I can buy the right code reader.
Thank you!
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The PCM on 1991 to 1995 models are OBD I.
That is weird-you can have it scanned for free at most parts stores so maybe do that till you have the money.
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1995 my information shows a 3.4L and a 3.1L option, both are OBD2 certified. Check the emission decal under the hood it will state the year and whether it is Federal or 50 state compliant and whether it is OBD1 or OBD2 certified. Equuis make a pretty good cheap scan tool.
Yes it has the 8 pin ALDL the A pin is far right top row & the B pin should be next to it but there is no B pin it's empty.
I checked a code reader for OBD1 & whe you read what Chevrolets it checks in 95 the only one it read is the Caprice 4.3L as it said all other Chevys do not have the B pin cause GM changed the ECM so it can not read it! Crazy isn't it cause now I think the only way I could go would be to buy a code reader that checks both OBD1 & 2 @ $200. when the other was around $30.
look up obd readers on and you will find a innovia 3120 which scans obd1 and obd2 for under $140.00