OBD1 on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV

So I looked under the hood & it says OBD1 certified. So were is the B pin so I can run a jumper wire to get the codes out?
Looking at the plug the A pin top right the B pin should be right next to it on top nothing. Under the A pin there is a pin but I don't want to jump that as I don't know what it will do.
There is a total of three pins? If it is an OBD1 I should be able to get the codes but what pins do I jump?
Thank you!

Your 1995 Chevrolet Lumina APV was built in the transition years between OBDI and OBDII. It is possible your Lumina has an OBDI system and an OBDII connector. If your data plug is rectangular and has 12 terminals that is an OBDI connector and "A" should be in one corner, using the narrow raised ridge on one edge of the connector as a guide. With the ridge on top "A" should be on the upper right and "B" right next to it. If you have a 16pin connector that would be OBDII and you may need a scan tool to read the codes.
Yes your right it has the 8 pin ALDL & the A pin is far right top row but the B pin is empty which should be right next to it.
So I was looking at a code reader for OBD1 & when I got to 95 the only Chevy it will check is the Caprice with the 4.3L it went on to say that since the other vehicles do not have the B terminal it will not work this is due to Gm changing ECM so what went from $30. for a code reader that checks OBD1 it went up to $200 for one that checks both!