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2001 Lexus RX300 Question: obd P0171 P0174 P1150

I replaced MAF meter but CEL came back. engine is running fine, but bucked once when accelerating up a hill. no apparent vacuum leaks, air box clean, filter newer and clean. could i have bad gas? not making sense -
Answer 1
Take it into a shop and spend some money !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help the economy!!!! -
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i would if the economy wasnt effecting my pocket book. thanx for the suggestion Anonymous! -
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sorry for that response. it has a vacuum leak as I said in a past answer. you will need a shop with a scanner to monitor the short and long term fuel trims to verify. not something you can diag without the right stuff. Roy -
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thanx Roy. ive removed the air box and plastic engine cover so i can follow all vacuum lines, so far all is good. i realize i need correct tools but hasnt stopped me from trying to find the obvious. im a system tech by trade and its my personality to investigate. ur reply is appreciated! -
Answer 2
Check the code reading again ans see if a differant code comes up...Autozone will check it for you for free. -
Answer 3
P0171 bank 1 too lean, P0174 is bank 2 too lean, P1150 Air Fuel Ratio sensor malfunction bank 2 sensor 1, I would be looking at that O2 sensor reading on the scantool to see how it reads compared to the other bank. -
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