OBD-I CODE on 1995 Chevrolet Beretta

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Took the car 2the shop 2get the check engine light looked at. The OBD-I, scanner says its the EGR SOLENOID. Is that the EGR valve or is it referring 2the CANISTER PURGE VALVE SOLENOID? The mechanic pointed 2the EGR valve & said 2clean it first & see if that doesnt solve the prob. I think its the canister valve. Any suggestions, anyone?
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There is a vacuum solenoid that opens the EGR valve, assuming the the correct code was retrieved. You can test this easily by driving the car with a vacuum gauge connected to the output side of the solenoid and seeing if the EGR vacuum solenoid is sending a signal to the valve, when you get up to about 20-25 mph.
Thank you for ur time & response. I'll try what u have suggested. I decided 2clean the EGR vale & probably swap out the vacuum.