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2002 Mercury Cougar Question: OBD Code P0340? Again?

My CEL came on sometime in August, around a month after I get my Transmission replaced (under warranty, I'm lucky). Pulled the code, P0340. Had the CPS replaced. Cleared the code. Light came on again. Same code. What do I do now? -
Answer 1
most likely a DPFE sensor failure. Ford had issues with these sensors causing 340 code. Roy -
Comment 1
Already? I had the EGR Valve replaced a year ago. Sensor should've been replaced as well. -
Comment 2
no, it does not mean it was replaced unless you were specifically charged for it. do you have the receipt?? it is not part of the egr. Roy -
Comment 3
Yes, the DPFE sensor and EGR valve were replaced. -
Comment 4
ok, you need a shop to check this system, a good shop that can use a scanner and be able to find the malfunction. from here, it is tough to determine the failure without seeing it in person. wish I could be more help, but it is difficult to diag from a distance. Roy -