OBD Code P0340? Again? on 2002 Mercury Cougar

My CEL came on sometime in August, around a month after I get my Transmission replaced (under warranty, I'm lucky). Pulled the code, P0340. Had the CPS replaced. Cleared the code. Light came on again. Same code. What do I do now?

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most likely a DPFE sensor failure. Ford had issues with these sensors causing 340 code.

Already? I had the EGR Valve replaced a year ago. Sensor should've been replaced as well.
no, it does not mean it was replaced unless you were specifically charged for it. do you have the receipt??
it is not part of the egr.

Yes, the DPFE sensor and EGR valve were replaced.
ok, you need a shop to check this system, a good shop that can use a scanner and be able to find the malfunction. from here, it is tough to determine the failure without seeing it in person.
wish I could be more help, but it is difficult to diag from a distance.