O2 Sensor questions on 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid

Hey guys,
I have two bad O2 sensors and am thinking about changing them out myself. They may be under warranty but if it's easy enough, I'd rather do it myself. Can anyone point me in the right way for finding a youtube video or schematics?

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If there is any chance they are under warranty just let the dealer do it. A quick search for the sensors it looks like about $350 in parts (aftermarket). But if you really want to do it, it's really straight forward. 1 should be accessible from under the hood just after the exhaust manifold, and the other in the exhaust pipe just after the catalytic converter.
I know this company called Prime Choice Auto Parts. I have had great success with their parts.


Bought a hub assembly from them and used one of their how to videos for help.

I think they are going to start selling oxygen sensors


Based on their past behaviour, my guess is they are going to release a how to video soon for o2 sensors.