o2 sensor on 1996 Honda Civic

my check engine light came on, and its my o2 heater sensor. i change my o2 sensor, i i reset my ecu, but my check engine light is still on and its still read as my o2 sensor

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my honda civic did not pass emission test and diagnostic code is po 135 02 sensor heater circuit bank1 sensor1 what can i do i have 97 honda civic
Having the same issue, did you get tit fixed?
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Check fuse #15, there is a Service Bulletin stating that the fuse may blow failing to supply power to the Oxygen Sensor. I have seen parts stores supply the wrong type sensor ensure the part supplies cross references to the part you took out (ensure for your own piece of mind the sensor you took out and installed look identical). Was the correct sensor front or rear sensor replaced. With the ignition switched off and the engine cold disconnect the Oxygen sensor you just fitted, two wires on that sensor should have continuity when checked with an ohm meter, now look at the sensor you removed, look at the same two wires on the sensor you removed they should not have continuity if indeed the heater circuit in the "old" sensor had failed. Have you got a Vtec or SOHC engine?