O2 dash light came on.Mechanic cancelled it out.Smellin fumes when stopped. on 2002 Lincoln LS

fumes only come up when car is still.Is there a common leak area that can be tightened up.I can hear no exhaust leak at all. Could it be in front of the cars? Thanks, Steve

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what kind of fumes, raw gas or exhaust smell?
Its an exhaust smell when the car is stationary and running.I read that there is a common leak area above the cat which would trigger the O2 engine light on the dash.If I warm it up in the morning the fumes in the car are fairly strong.I jacked the car up on both sides and shook the cats,they both are solid.With the V8 its hard to see anything from the top.I've only only owned the car 2 months.We're just getting to know each other.Thanks ,Steve The engine runs flawlessly.
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