Ny truck is leaking coolent it overheated and has a broken belt. What can I do?
on 1999 Nissan Frontier

I just drove it home from passing the emission test and the belt broke and truck overheated and coolant all over.

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It's hard to say what the extent of the damage may be until the engine has been refilled with coolant, the water pump belt replaced and the engine run o see if there is more damage. Driving a car or even letting it run when the engine overheating is not good and could cause other issues like a blown head gasket. Have the belt replaced add coolant and keep your fingers crossed.
Thank you, Its actually my son;s truck who just had a fuel pump replace and brakes done.. he doesnt need more problems. Hes poor and so am I. This was his dad's truck he passed away a few years back and finally had the money between him and me to get the truck runing has had it for a couple of weeks and now this. Thank you so much for your answer I will let him know. I may be back with more questions. God Bless!