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1995 Ford Ranger Question: Nothing happens when I turn the key!

No headlights, domelight,radio, dashlights, etc. There is absolutley nothing happening. -
Answer 1
Check your battery for a charge. If your battery has a charge, then this is probably your ignition switch. If your key won't turn at all, then you need to replace the whole cylinder assembly. Otherwise, it should be the ignition switch. -
Comment 1
Thanks man, but I mentioned that the key does turn. The battery has a good charge. I was able to jump it this morning, then I turned it off to see if it would crank and nothing, just like last night. No lights, no radio, no dome, no nothing! Thoughts? -
Comment 2
I have been having the same problem with my 1997 Ranger the past few days. I went to drive it & it wouldn't start, but we were able to push start it. Went out to my friend's shop & put my battery on a charger for several hours, but this didn't work. Neither did a jump start OR putting a different battery in instead. Initially my headlights would turn on and the panel lights, however then I got nothing. Today with a fully charged battery my panel lights would turn on, but still not my headlights (I didn't even bother trying the radio & my dome light is broken) and it would would make the dinging sound when I would turn the key, but the engine wouldn't even TRY to turn over. My battery cables ARE pretty corroded, but if that were the problem then it seems like I wouldn't be able to get enough power to turn on the panel lights. I have been getting a clicking sound as if the starter is attempting to engage, by the way. Sorry that this isn't an answer for you, but I am trying to figure out a similar problem it sounds like... -
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