Not starting - Engine not getting fuel on 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser

while cruising, engine started hesitating, no acceleration for 1-2 seconds then kick back in. Engine died while driving 50mph. 1/8 tank of gas. Filled tank. Engine cranks but doesn't start. First few attempts to start, once I let off of key, it seemed like it was trying to start. disconnect fuel line before fuel filter. Not getting normal fuel flow to fuel filter. no diagnostic codes registered.

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My first thought is that the fuel pump is failing. the fuel pump should come on while cranking. Get it checked out.
If you want to find a specialist, here's a directory link for you:
We replaced fuel pump, filter, mass oxygen sensor and relay switch. The car stalls immediately after start up. Friend thinks it is a computer chip. Where would it be on a 2000 toyota celica gt?
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I had almost identical problem with my 1997 LC, right down to the dealer not being able to diagnose using the computer. Turned out that small chips of paint were flaking off the interior of the air filter holder, and the flakes were jamming up to choke off all air going into the fuel mixture.
Cost to strip and repaint the air filter holder was about $100. Cost to run down every thing in the vehicle before discovering the paint-chip problem: about $800.
thanks to both Superbob and anonymous. Tested fuel line before fuel filter. couple of drips and that's it. Replaced the fuel pump after testing the relays. Fuel pressure back to normal but still wouldn't start. Tested spark plugs. Intermittent sparks. Replaced factory original (I think) distributor cap and rotor at 183K miles. Started right up. Back on the road. VERY thankful for the access panel under second row seats. Made the fuel pump replacement fairly easy. Took a little longer than was hoping, but fixed and some good lessons learned. Now on to the clicking noise that I hear a slow speeds. Can't hear with window down but with window up, clearly clicking faster/slower with speed changes. Once over 15 mph, can't hear it anymore.

U joints, bearings???