2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Q&A

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Question: Not Starting

Jeep would not start after numerous attempts. I finally took the car out of park and then back in park, it started. So far this has not happened again. -
Answer 1
Your neutral safety switch is going out. If it does this again, try starting it in neutral. If this makes a difference, then the switch needs to be replaced. -
Answer 2
I had the same problem on my car, took it to the dealer and they replaced the neutral safety switch but after a few days it was doing it again. I found a good transmission shop on http://www.autorepairyellowpages.com the name of the shop is Winchester Transmission in Campbell, CA. I spoke with Patrick and he was able to adjust the linkage or cable or something under the console to fix the problem. It's been over a month now and no recurring problems. -
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