1995 Lincoln Town Car Q&A

1995 Lincoln Town Car Question: Not Starting

I have Lincoln Town Car After I change heater core. Car get started but next day Car not getting start I have reopen the dash Bord and check every thing look fine when ever I turn key passenger side start beeping the beep come in25 time 5 time in one time please car standing for week let me know what will be thanks -
Answer 1
need to re-check all your work and use this site, to get the wiring info http://repairpal.com/check-engine-light or take your car to a shop that is good at electrical diagnosis -
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Intermittant problem of no start has been occuring for the past 12 months. Everytime this occurs I spray ether, 2-4 seconds, into intake and it starts up everytime and continues to run with no prob...
this car had a long start time and had a intermittent no start problem for last 7 months.replaced fuel pump now has good fuel pressure but has no spark .we used a new snap-on scanner to check codes...