2002 Ford Escort Q&A

2002 Ford Escort Question: not getting fire back to my fuel pump,

i took 2 wires and hot wire it and it works,cheched relays under hood and the shut off shitch is pushrd down,,i don't know -
Answer 1
you need to check the fuses and the control and ground sides of the relay. this is why you pay for a diag to determine the failed area. Roy -
Comment 1
the control?? -
Comment 2
yes, the control side of the relay and the load side. the relay is told to energize by the computer. once the command is made, it closes the relay and allows current to the fuel pump. all this needs to be verified that it is working correctly. Roy -
Answer 2
i would check the shut off control,, "interia switch" some times even though they seem to work, they can be bad,, -
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