not enough power to start on 1997 Honda Accord

new starter, new battery, ignition swith looks clean,spark off distributor,spark off plugs, not enough power to turn engine over even with a jump acts like theres a short or somethings drawing power besides starter. car has died 6 times will driving in the past 6 I checked the ignition switch which appeared to be fine after I cleaned some grease off the contacts

by in Damascus, OR on November 19, 2009
3 answers
ANSWER by on November 20, 2009
If in fact your battery is good. Take a jumper wire and hook one end to the battery the other end touch the small connector on the starter. if it still does'nt turn over with the properly rotation thenyou have cable problems.
ANSWER by on November 20, 2009
perform charging system check. Make sure to raise idle above 2000rpm. shorted diode inside alt wont charge below 1500rpm. also do voltage drop test on both battery cables. note: keep factory grease on contacts Hope this helps
ANSWER by on November 20, 2009
I agree with both answers. to add more information. Ensure your battery connections are clean tight and secure. Take the black wire of you heavy jumper cables put one end to the battery negative connection and the other end of the black jumper cable wire to a good firm metal part of the engine block (ignore the red positive lead) this helps eliminate the ground side of the starter circuit. leave the jumper cables hooked up this way and bring power directly down to the small terminal on the starter from the battery positive and see if the engine cranks over (make sure hand brake is applied, car out of gear). As hedken77 said do voltage drop tests next. I have seen even experienced auto technicians not understand how to do this. Look on Youtube sorry I don't have the link but I saw two good videos showing how to do "voltage drop test".
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